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Children’s Clothing Retailer Has “Aha” Moment:

Tracking imminent lost sales and overstocks in real time reduces inventory by 16 percent.

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Global retail chain credits 55 percent growth to deeper customer insight.

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Specialty apparel retailer realizes one size does not fit all.

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Focusing on unique needs of customers pays off big for men’s clothing retailer.

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Empower your team to make profitable decisions across the organization.

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A Better Way to Mine for Gold
Retail Reporting Roadmap

Merchandising Executives

Optimize inventory balance across all channels, stores and DC’s to improve inventory turn and margin.

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Make crucial decisions at a fast pace to seize opportunities, manage relationships and maximize inventory performance.

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Use analytics-driven planning to make more profitable merchandise planning decisions.

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Quickly determine optimal merchandise placement from both location and item perspectives.

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Store Operations

Use insights about sales, traffic and customer purchasing, to improve store performance.

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Information Technology

Implement a retail analytics solution that facilitates insightful and actionable decision making in as little as 60 days.

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Deeper insight into demand, backorders, cancellations, shipped sales and returns across all channels.

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