Store Operations: Improve Store Performance

store operationsStore managers, district managers, and regional managers – as well as operations executives – need to analyze sales performance, labor productivity, traffic patterns and transaction quality in order to meet the ultimate goal: delighting the customer.

With Playbooks, corporate and regional operations managers can quickly compare retail merchandise performance across stores, set and manage goals for field managers and store managers, and benefit from market basket analysis to understand what drives multi-item purchases.


Store managers can quickly answer questions like:

  • Should I adjust labor plans to better match store traffic, sales, and conversion patterns?
  • Which items should I train the staff to cross-sell with hot sellers?
  • Can I launch a field sales contest that would help achieve sales goals?


Sample plays designed specifically for Store Operations include:

Play Function
Store Visit Prepares management for an upcoming store visit, and helps facilitate the visit by putting the same information in the hands of the store manager and visiting district or regional manager.
Busy/Slow Uncovers the busiest and slowest times of the week with respect to store traffic. Highlights variances against labor hours.
Why Aren't We? Compares chain-wide top sellers with top sellers at a particular location. Highlights new selling opportunities.
District Rank Ranks store performance within a district in order to encourage healthy local competition.
Popularity Pinpoints the recent and consistent best and worst performing items.


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