Play Offense with Advanced Retail Analytics, Retail Business Intelligence and Playbooks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily dig through your mountains of data to uncover the right action at the right time – impacting your sales, margins and inventory productivity?

Now you can. QuantiSense Retail Business Intelligence and QuantiSense Playbooks combine data warehousing and sophisticated retail big data analytics into role-based, actionable and repeatable processes that tackle your team’s biggest challenges. And by reducing the time spent digging through mounds of data, your team has more time to think strategically, take action, and run the business.


Retail Analytics Offer Insight and Improve Performance

With QuantiSense, you can finally play offense and make the most profitable retail merchandising, direct to consumer and store operations decisions. Leading specialty retailers rely on QuantiSense Playbooks to provide industry best practices that help:

  • Avoid stockouts, reduce store-to-store transfers and minimize overstocks
  • Boost sales and operating margins with early identification of trends
  • Postpone the need for markdowns and protect margins
  • Improve inventory productivity by increasing turns and reducing carrying costs
  • Free up open-to-buy for hot sellers and expanded assortments
  • Increase productivity and cross-functional collaboration through unified KPIs, for a more strategic approach
Retail Analytics

Whether you are building your first data warehouse or taking your BI initiatives to the next level, QuantiSense can help. With implementation, in as little as 60 days, your organization will be better equipped to make decisions that achieve operational excellence and ultimately delight the consumer.

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