Drive Informed Business Decisions with QuantiSense Playbooks™

PlaybooksBQuantiSense Playbooks™ are a set of unique, action-oriented retail analytics that surface and quantify inventory problems and opportunities often overlooked by traditional retail systems. Playbooks combine descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to enable actionable insights throughout your entire retail enterprise. Powered by the QuantiSense Retail Exception Engine™, a unique algorithm that scans item/store and transaction level data in real-time, Playbooks free your team from endlessly combing through data to drive informed business decisions.

With Playbooks, retail executives across merchandising, store operations, marketing and more are empowered to make highly profitable decisions in a matter of seconds using customized plays in key analytics areas, including:

Inventory Productivity            Market Basket Analysis

Button_Localized            Customer Centricity


Leading retailers already depend on Playbooks to help:

  • Optimize store inventory by a range of factors, including size productivity, price and depth
  • Identify outstanding merchandise purchase orders that can be accelerated, delayed, adjusted or canceled to better meet in-season customer demand
  • Uncover how customers are responding to promotions and what items they’re buying together most frequently
  • Better understand customer segments and how they are performing
  • And more!

Playbooks can be implemented as stand-alone solution or used with your existing retail systems, existing business intelligence platform and/or data warehouse platform in as little as 60 days.

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