Planners: Forecasting Opportunities and Improving Retail Performance

PlannersPlanners are under constant pressure to optimize plans pre-season and adjust in response to in-season trends. Your decisions require reviewing overwhelming mounds of data available across products, channels, brands and store formats. With QuantiSense Playbooks it’s finally easy to create an analytics-based plan that minimizes forecast errors.


Using finely-tuned exception reporting and retail industry best practices, Playbooks help you:

  • Plan sales, inventory, markdowns, margin and assortments
  • Evaluate performance and forecast accuracy after each season
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Use historical lost sales and overstocks to make more accurate demand planning decisions
  • Revise in-season forecasts for sales, inventory, markdowns and margin
  • Improve overall inventory management, boosting efficiency and profitability


Sample plays designed specifically for Planners include:

Play Function
If We Had It Provides a recap of the season, quantifying missed sales opportunities due to stockouts which hide true demand and sometimes punish outperforming stores.
Know Your ABC's Segments stores into volume groups based on their performance over a defined interval.
Plan to Replan? Shows the store locations and departments where retail performance has greatest absolute deviation to plan.
Popularity Pinpoints the recent and consistent best performers and worst performing items.


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