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QuantiSense Reports for Duty to Navy Exchange Service Command with Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence Solution

Posted by Quantisense Retail Insight Team

Aug 31, 2010

NEXCOM selects QuantiSense’s industry-leading analytics software for retail merchandising operations

ATLANTA, August 31, 2010 – QuantiSense today announced that the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) has selected its retail analytic and business intelligence (BI) application for its global network of nearly 300 stores and 1,200 service operations across 104 Naval installations. A $2.5 billion worldwide chain of retail stores and Navy lodges, NEXCOM offers a wide variety of products and services for active-duty Sailors, reservists, retirees and their family members.

With a goal of increasing sales, NEXCOM required a retail-specific analytic application to help manage its margins, avoid overstocks, and better understand the flow of product and how much inventory it needed in each location at any given time.

QuantiSense will provide NEXCOM with a packaged retail analytics solution, including over 1,200 retail metrics and the signature QuantiSense Playbooks™, a set of “plays” unique for each retail job role that guides users to take action and make better decisions in response to specific, recurring situations.

QuantiSense will help NEXCOM:

  • Reduce overstocks: Some of NEXCOM’s products are required to be in stock over 90 percent of the time, so maintaining that level without bloating the inventory with overstocks is a significant ongoing challenge.
  • Market basket analysis: QuantiSense will allow NEXCOM to determine market basket affinities down to the store level, which can be difficult considering its disparate geographical locations and diverse product offerings. Additionally, market basket analytics will help NEXCOM determine the success of each store promotion.
  • Role-based dashboards: QuantiSense executive dashboards will enable NEXCOM’s users to easily view the most important information for their specific role in the organization, whether it’s buying, planning, allocating or executive management. Instead of spending hours pulling reports for each weekly meeting, QuantiSense exception reports and drill-down dashboards will streamline the process for optimal efficiency.

"We need to have as much insight as possible into the productivity of merchandise assortments at each store, i.e., stock positions, margin contribution, promotion sell-through, and allocations," said Kean Westcott, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, NEXCOM. "We anticipate that the capabilities offered by QuantiSense will allow us to leverage our existing IT investments while helping us better understand our business at the store level across varied retail locations."

"NEXCOM will be our most expansive geographic implementation yet," said Jeff Buck, CEO, QuantiSense. "With our packaged product and standardized implementation, QuantiSense will be able to jump-start NEXCOM’s use of sophisticated exception reporting and retail analytics."


The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) is headquarters for the worldwide Navy Exchange System that oversees 104 Navy Exchange facilities and its nearly 300 stores worldwide; 42 Navy Lodges; Ship’s Stores; and the Uniform Program Management Office. NEXCOM’s mission is to provide authorized customers quality goods and services at a savings and to support quality of life programs for active duty military, retirees, reservists and their families. The Navy Exchange enterprise operates primarily with a non-appropriated fund (NAF) business instrumentality. Revenues generated are used to support Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs. In FY08, $2.5 billion in sales were generated with over $45 million in profits provided to Navy MWR programs.

About QuantiSense, Inc.

Ranked the #1 Top Software Vendor in the 2012 RIS Software LeaderBoard and counting over thirty marquee retail companies as customers, QuantiSense offers solutions both for retailers that are looking to leverage their existing BI and data warehouse solutions as well as organizations that are looking to acquire a new, state-of-the-art reporting and analytics foundation.

QuantiSense Foundation™ contains pre-fabricated software components that enable retailers to deploy a fully functional retail BI and data warehouse solution in as little as 60 days. Foundation is “BI independent” and can be deployed using any commercially available business intelligence tool. In addition, this solution is also “database independent” and can be implemented using any standard SQL-based relational database.

QuantiSense Playbooks™ are a set of unique, action-oriented retail analytics that automatically surface hidden problems and/or opportunities typically buried in the details of mounds of retail data. Business users across merchandising, store operations, marketing and more are immediately empowered to make highly profitable decisions in a matter of seconds. QuantiSense Playbooks include and are powered by the QuantiSense Retail Exception Engine™, a unique QuantiSense solution that constantly scans item/store and even transaction level data, automatically finding and quantifying the proverbial nuggets of retail gold typically missed using regular reporting systems. QuantiSense Playbooks™ can be purchased either as a stand-alone solution, as Playbooks works with any existing BI tool and/or data warehouse platform. Additionally, QuantiSense Playbooks™ can be licensed in conjunction with QuantiSense Foundation to provide an exceptional turn key BI and data warehouse application.

The QuantiSense roster of retail customers includes Burlington Coat Factory, Destination XL, Hallmark Cards, Michael’s, Pacific Sunwear, Restoration Hardware and Urban Outfitters. Visit www.QuantiSense.com.

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