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QuantiSense Announces Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence Application for the iPad

Posted by Quantisense Retail Insight Team

Dec 1, 2010

QuantiSense 4.7.2 features improved reporting capabilities, enhancements to Playbooks, and iPad-compatible dashboards

ATLANTA, December 1, 2010 – Putting the power of Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence into the hands of mobile users, QuantiSense today announced the latest release of its software, which includes dashboards designed especially for the iPad. In addition to a new corporate dashboard with iPad compatibility, QuantiSense 4.7.2 delivers improved reporting capabilities for greater insight, enhancements to popular “plays” to drive action, and seasonal information to improve retail decision-making.

Introducing Retail Dashboards on the iPad

With iPad-compatible dashboards, retail executives can interact with data and instantly highlight problem areas and solutions from any location – the home office, during meetings, in the field and while traveling. QuantiSense and the iPad are a powerful combination that provides quick access to critical information such as:

  • At-a-glance summary displaying the top departmental KPIs
  • Graphical representations of sales trends
  • Highlighted exceptions in lost sales, stockouts, and overstock metrics
  • Flexibility to drill down into the details by class, store, SKU, etc.
  • Top and bottom products across departments

Enhanced Retail Playbook

QuantiSense Playbooks™ empower retailers with a set of role-specific “plays” that guide them to make better decisions, allowing the entire organization to take advantage of fast-moving opportunities, quickly correct problems, and sharpen its competitive edge. Each of these sophisticated plays provides Allocators, Buyers, and Planners with the rich metrics and exception reporting they need to take immediate action.

Several of QuantiSense’s most popular plays are enhanced in QuantiSense 4.7.2, including:

  • Accelerate: Diminishes potential lost sales by prompting users to find hot-sellers with orders and insufficient reserve that may need to be accelerated to fill demand.
  • It’s Ours Again: Highlights items with a disproportionately high rate of return, to signal potential vendor quality problems.
  • Cut and Run: Prompts users to mark down certain merchandise in order to quickly make room for new product.

Improved Reporting and Addition of Seasonal Attribution

The QuantiSense Report Wizard is an assistant that walks users through the process of creating a report. QuantiSense 4.7.2 makes it even easier by providing fast, logical access to the deep library of attributes and metrics contained in QuantiSense. QuantiSense also provides a vast assortment of reports, each displaying a collection of business intelligence components that provide useful, actionable information.

Additionally, the latest release includes a new season code attribute that strengthens the QuantiSense Retail Learning Infrastructure (RLI) by allowing users to tell if an item is a basic product that should always be in stock, or if it is tied to a particular season. This feature enables retailers to make better decisions regarding when to mark down seasonal items to maximize full-price sales.

“QuantiSense 4.7.2 is an exciting release for us for a number of reasons,” said Jeff Buck, CEO, QuantiSense. “The simple, intuitive iPad dashboard interface unlocks the creative potential of our retail analytics like no other platform in the market. Encouraging best practice software adoption and usage requires making it ‘fun’ to use – and QuantiSense on the iPad provides that engaging experience that retail professionals want.”

About QuantiSense, Inc.

Ranked the #1 Top Software Vendor in the 2012 RIS Software LeaderBoard and counting over thirty marquee retail companies as customers, QuantiSense offers solutions both for retailers that are looking to leverage their existing BI and data warehouse solutions as well as organizations that are looking to acquire a new, state-of-the-art reporting and analytics foundation.

QuantiSense Foundation™ contains pre-fabricated software components that enable retailers to deploy a fully functional retail BI and data warehouse solution in as little as 60 days. Foundation is “BI independent” and can be deployed using any commercially available business intelligence tool. In addition, this solution is also “database independent” and can be implemented using any standard SQL-based relational database.

QuantiSense Playbooks™ are a set of unique, action-oriented retail analytics that automatically surface hidden problems and/or opportunities typically buried in the details of mounds of retail data. Business users across merchandising, store operations, marketing and more are immediately empowered to make highly profitable decisions in a matter of seconds. QuantiSense Playbooks include and are powered by the QuantiSense Retail Exception Engine™, a unique QuantiSense solution that constantly scans item/store and even transaction level data, automatically finding and quantifying the proverbial nuggets of retail gold typically missed using regular reporting systems. QuantiSense Playbooks™ can be purchased either as a stand-alone solution, as Playbooks works with any existing BI tool and/or data warehouse platform. Additionally, QuantiSense Playbooks™ can be licensed in conjunction with QuantiSense Foundation to provide an exceptional turn key BI and data warehouse application.

The QuantiSense roster of retail customers includes Burlington Coat Factory, Destination XL, Hallmark Cards, Michael’s, Pacific Sunwear, Restoration Hardware and Urban Outfitters. Visit www.QuantiSense.com.

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