IT Executives Want Retail Analytics with Rapid Implementation and Stellar ROI

  • Are you wasting time gathering and reconciling data for business users?
  • Tired of creating ad-hoc reports and correcting data errors?
  • Looking for a solution that reaches beyond the limitations of traditional business intelligence?

Retailers are constantly flooded with massive amounts of sales and inventory data across multiple products, brands, channels, and store formats – and the reporting and custom data requests that come along with it. Progressive IT groups are looking for systems that not only provide insight into this data and make it easy to process, but also facilitate real-time actionable decision-making.


A Strong Foundation for Retail Business Intelligence

IT Executives Retail Business Intelligence

Your team can implement this sophisticated retail analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing solution in as little as 60 days. Still skeptical? Check out our results with numerous industry leaders.

At QuantiSense, we understand the importance of a strong solution foundation. We have invested years in perfecting a bullet-proof data warehouse and proven ETL system that produces clean data. We’ve also created a vast library of pre-built connectors to pull data from nearly any retail source system whether packaged or homegrown. Your enterprise will finally have a single version of the truth that restores user trust in the data, therefore increasing user acceptance.


The QuantiSense solution delivers: 

  • A robust retail industry data model with over 1300 KPIs, acting as your master data source for analytics of product information, customer, channels, and suppliers, and more
  • Executive dashboards along with role-based Playbooks for Executives, Buyers, Planners, Allocators and Store Operations
  • A Retail Exception Engine that allows users to set how and when the solution should inform them of recurring problems and uncovered opportunities
  • Unmatched speed, performance and solution scalability leveraging cloud delivery via a SaaS model

Schedule a demo to see how QuantiSense can help your team uncover sales opportunities while resolving retail merchandising and inventory allocation problems.

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