A Business Intelligence-based Crystal Ball for Buyers

BuyersAs a Buyer, you have to carefully manage the current season, while looking ahead to the next season and learning from the past. And there’s little time to spend analyzing mountains of data to support your decisions.

Buyers are expected to make crucial decisions at a fast pace to either maximize opportunities or address problems – and be ready to defend the logic at the next Monday morning meeting. You have to know which orders to cancel or accelerate and where to take markdowns or not. Using finely-tuned exception reporting and retail industry best practices, Playbooks identify the most important actionable problems and opportunities. Now you can take actions – based on insight – which will drive sales, maximize profit and better manage inventory.


Playbooks enable Buyers to:

  • Identify product quality issues and high return rates
  • Know when to mark-down and liquidate, or withhold markdowns to preserve margins
  • Analyze vendor performance



  • Better understand and manage inventory performance
  • Respond to in-season demand and initiate, accelerate, or cancel purchase orders


Sample plays designed specifically for Buyers include:

Play Function
Accelerate Finds hot selling items with insufficient reserve and with orders that may need to be accelerated to fill demand.
Cancel Finds on-order items with adequate or overstocked inventory that may need to be canceled or delayed.
Cut and Run Finds items that are in need of markdown based on sell-thru performance.
What's in Reserve, Hot Finds hot selling items that are available in the distribution center reserve, enabling buyers to ensure effective supply chain.


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