Allocators: Improve Margins and Turns with More Accurate Store Inventory

AllocatorsAllocating the right merchandise to the right stores at the right time can make the difference between huge sales and profits or margin-killing markdowns and liquidations. But when allocation challenges and opportunities arise, Allocators may only have a few hours to decide every store’s individual allotment.

You need pre-built analytics for store-level inventory that can help you quickly determine optimal merchandise placement from both a location and product perspective. Playbooks help you leverage perpetual inventory data from your entire enterprise to help you:


Sample plays designed specifically for Allocators include:

  • Better manage store inventories, for both replenishment and seasonal items
  • Develop localized assortments
  • Maximize margins
  • Intelligently manage distribution center (DC) and warehouse inventories & logistics
  • Ensure sufficient merchandise in stock for promotional events and store openings
  • Manage reserve stock across multiple distribution centers


Sample plays designed specifically for Buyers include:

Play Function
DC/Channel Imbalance Highlights situations where DC inventories are out of step with demand of the store or channels they serve.
Local Price Imbalance Highlights stores and categories that have a disproportionate amount of full price, promotional, or clearance goods.
None in my Store Shows the stores that have the highest number of stock outs in an effort to get them to respond to the worst situations.
Store Needs Calculates a specific location’s needs for new goods.
Time to Go Provides a penetrating look at year-to-year sales performance. Identifies items that have aged and have significant inventory, enabling the planner to focus on a liquidation strategy.


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